Q&A: What is up with all these “designer pet breeds”?

Issue by romance9398: What is up with all these “designer pet breeds”?
I have 10 pet dogs due to people not spaying or neutering. All of mine were both dumped or abused and all are spayed and neutered. How can people breed mutts, sign up them with some bogus club and promote them for huge bucks when there are so numerous great canines in pounds and shelters? It can make me so unhappy.

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Answer by dilly
So-known as “breeders” do it for the money. Folks never spay or neuter their pets due to the fact they do not want to devote the funds. It all comes down to greed and the reality that people see animals as inferior, like they don’t ought to have the exact same variety of treatment they would give on their own. And these kinds of folks are specifically the ones that should not have animals at all.

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  1. i totally agree with you. there is no reason to be buying special dogs when you can buy dogs that need love the most. they are bot the same. if i had a dog id get it from the pound!

  2. I have 5 dogs and 2 cats that came from shelters. People buy these other dogs because they think they’re geting a good deal. What they don’t realize is that a dog from the shelter will be healthier. Shelter dogs go through a medical exam, have whatever’s wrong fixed (including spay & neuter), and go through a personality test before they are ever put out for adoption.

    What people also don’t realize is that the s.p.c.a. will help you care for the animal. They will help with spays and neuters and also grooming. Any vet will help if he knows you need it. Any vet that’s worth it. You can go to county vet clinics and they usually have low cost spay and neuter programs.

    It makes me sad too. I’ve workled in plenty of shelters, the s.p.c.a. and vet clinics. I know for a fact that they help out wioth these programs.

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